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  1. Victoria Lynch says:

    hey f.i.t. fans~ sign our guestbook and let everyone know what you love about being a member at f.i.t.!

    • Mary Jo (MJ) Griffin says:

      I went to f.i.t. For the first time today for a barre class. Victoria was wonderful. She is personable, fun and is consistently checking her students to ensure proper form and modifications to address all levels. Everyone in the class was friendly too. I signed up for a three month membership on the spot! I am looking forward to making new friends and trying all different kinds of classes.

    • Rebecca says:

      Deb and Victoria always give us “our money’s worth” when it comes to pushing beyond our previously set limits in fitness. There is no room for slacking! Thanks for setting the bar high!

  2. Sara Manganelli says:

    What is there NOT to love about f.i.t? All the instructors are professional, friendly, caring and just so fun to be around. The energy at f.i.t just makes you come back for more. They have made me in the best shape I have ever been in. I love every class they have. I have never been much of a gym person, but I love my gym!

  3. Debi Puchovsky says:

    F.I.T. is the best little gym around!! Every time you leave a class you know that you have had a great work out. It’s welcoming, non-intimidating, and the instructors are great. Every class is designed to help you to challenge yourself with every work out. I would definitely recommend this gym–I love it!

  4. Paula Thimble says:

    It’s never the same old thing at f.i.t.! Every class is different so it keeps you motivated and challenged and wanting to come back for more! I have never been more motivated to try new things ( and to actually acccomplish them) than I have been by the instructors at f.i.t. It’s the one gym you won’t get bored with.

  5. Julie Rofrano says:

    Great instructors, great members and a challenging work out!!! It’s an all around welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoy being a member here.

  6. Deb Coleman says:

    GREAT class today! You tell us the work out then show modifications we can use if necessary. Today 15 people in class and as I looked around the room I saw people reaching for the same workout goal but, many using the modifications you illustrated. It is a real testiment to F.I.T. as I look around the class and see each person working to their own potential.

  7. Adrienne O'Rourke says:

    Going to this gym is never a waste of time. Like previous member’s stated, you always leave there having had a great workout and if there is anything specific you want to target, the instructors always accomodate the individual needs of the members. I also like how they stay up-to-date with the latest classes.

  8. Carolyn Hinton says:

    The best gym ever….going to F.I.T. is like having a personal trainer. The instructors take interest in each members individial abilities. No one gets left behind, everyone works to their own level…and gets pushed just a little beyond ;o) and there is so much variety, no one can ever say they got bored at F.I.T.

  9. Suzanne Ragonese says:

    F.I.T. has become a very important part of my life. As other members have mentioned, the instructors are great. They motivate you to be the best you can and at the same time teach you to modify to meet your needs. I truly love this gym. I love Muscle Conditioning, Kickboxing, and Spin . . . but I love, love, love TRX Bodyblast, Zumba, Bootcamp, Deb, and Victoria!!!

  10. Anne Marie says:

    I love F.I.T. Every instructor motivates you, works with you and makes you feel like you are there for your own personal training session. They are going to work you, and push you harder than you thought you could, and you always leave with an immense sense of accomplishment!

  11. Julie Kelly says:

    Love the new website, love you guys, and love group classes…the only way to keep me motivated! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wish there were extra days in the week so I could fit in more classes!!

  12. Gabrielle Porciello says:

    Awesome new Web site! I cannot say enough great things about f.i.t. All of the instructors are great. They really take the time to make sure everyone is working at their own fitness level, while pushing you to make sure you get the most out of your workout. They are constantly bringing new ideas to the gym to keep things exciting.

  13. If you want actual results and people who care about your well being then F.I.T. is the right place for you! If you are stuck with the same routine and going no where fast then try Boot Camp, Muscle Conditioning or one of the many classes available. I promise you won’t be sorry you did. I went for my free class and was hooked ever since. Thank you f.i.t. for showing me that I can actually do it and achieve my goals.

  14. Lisa Runci says:

    If you are looking for a program that will keep you engaged and help you achieve your fitness goals, then you need to check out F.I.T.! You get the peer support that the group training offers with the kind of training support that only a personal training experience offers.

  15. Andrea Nardini says:

    The quality of instruction and classes offered is exceptional. The gym offers a variety of classes that challenge and motivate every fitness level. The instructors pay attention to the members to make sure they are safely getting the most out of their workout. This is a one-of-a-kind experience!

  16. Julie Palmer says:

    This is the BEST gym I have ever been to…the variety of classes is great and the instructors are EXCELLENT, it is like having your own personal trainer on a daily basis! I love the way they push you to meet your goals but also modify things if you need it….I always leave there feeling like I accomplished something. I am so happy to have found F.I.T, Thanks Deb and Victoria!

  17. Wendy Kangas says:

    I have been working out for over twenty-five years and F.I.T., by far, surpasses any gym I’ve ever been a member of. The instructors are knowledgeable, accommodating, welcoming, and give 100% of themselves to make every workout the best workout for you. F.I.T. is an amazing facility for the young adult, not so young adult, male or female. Try it, you’ll like it!

  18. Connie says:

    I walked into FIT about three years ago to support a friend, and ended up staying for myself. I never liked exercise or gym class, and had convinced myself that I was too uncoordinated to do much more than walk around the block. Deb and Victoria always make me feel welcome, and I love the variety of classes offered, each with an emphasis on modifying moves if needed to make them work for me. I just turned 50, and I’m in the best shape of my life!

  19. Julie A says:

    Just came from a great workout at FIT. Deb & Victoria are by far the best instructors around. I love that every class is a different mix than the last class. Always keeping it interesting. FIT has become a big part of my life. Not only for the workout but also for the fabulous FIT friends I have made.

  20. Amy M says:

    f.i.t. is a great place to work out. The staff members are supportive and motivating. They help everyone acheive their own personal fitness goals. Every class is fun and different and keeps you motivated.

  21. Susan Wright says:

    The act of exercising takes will power; but actually getting extreme results while having fun only happens at FIT! Group exercise is extremely motivating to me… and having a group atmosphere with the feel of personal training is what you get from Deb & Victoria! I have been a member since Feb. 2008, and have been hooked ever since…not to mention – I don’t believe I’ve done the same workout twice! I have exercised all of my adult life both on my own and at various gyms… but, FIT is where it’s at! The variety is beyond belief, the classes are fun and motivating, and the feeling I have when I leave is priceless… Thanks Deb for getting me hooked on FIT and thanks Victoria for coming along and only adding to what Deb had already created as a welcoming place to exercise. Fitness is very important in my life and by bringing my daughter, Tia, along to spend time in the kids room at FIT – she has made some great friends (children of other members) and appreciates the importance of fitness. Thanks for being so great to Tia also! Good luck in the new location.. I am excited for you both! And, I am excited to spend my time excercising in the new place!

  22. Liz says:

    I would highly recommend f.i.t. to anyone that I know. This place has what you need to get going and stay going. You work to your potential and the instructors are always supporting you – offering modifications for all levels of fitness. The energy is contagious, it’s crazy, you will find yourself wanting to work harder, wanting to try the heavier weight or the class you never thought you would try. Oh, and don’t think it’s the same thing over and over again – the instructors take pride in keeping things fresh and interesting. The improvements to my health and fitness are unmatched by any other place, I love the results I’m getting. Thanks Deb and Victoria!

  23. Deb Cerundolo says:

    f.i.t. is personal training at a fraction of the cost. Even if you keep active in other ways, the classes offered at f.i.t. can supplement your routine at an affordable price. I can’t say enough about the instructors- they care, teach and motivate!

  24. Jenn M. says:

    Love- Love -Love F.I.T. I have been a member since 2008 when I began with Zumba. Now, I am hooked on TRX, Kickboxing, and Boot Camp. The members at F.I.T. are great and I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people. Deb and Victoria are truly motivational and inspirational.I have never met two trainers who are as passionate about what they teach and the willingness to get to know their members. I was always hesitant to try certain exercises thinking that I would not like them. Deb and Victoria have taught me to go beyond my comfort zone. I can’t say enough about F.I.T. I am grateful for what I have learned and the progress that I continue to make. Become a member you will LOVE it!

  25. Ashley O'Connor says:

    I have been a member of FIT for over a year and have never been happier with a fitness facility. Having been a member of other fitness centers in the past, I can honestly say that nothing compares to the atmosphere found at FIT. Both Deb and Victoria are incredible trainers who genuinly care about their members. I take a number of classes at FIT on a weekly basis, and love them all! I honestly can not choose a favorite as they are all great!!! I have never taken a class I did not love!

  26. Martha says:

    LOVE FIT!! I have only been a member for about 5 months but I Love the energy and the challenge!
    I have already noticed some great changes in my body and getting stronger every day! So happy I joined FIT….. A big Thank you to Deb and Victoria for always challenging us : )

  27. Sara A. says:

    I have been a member of f.i.t. for four months now, and I have to say this is by far the best “fitness center” experience I have ever had. I have had gym memberships to an array of different facilities over the years and it was always the same thing… after a month or so, the boredom set in. Everything is different with f.i.t.; the class structure versus a full gym setting has been a huge advantage for me. I enjoy classes so much more than working out on my own – its solves boredom problem as well as the problem of not knowing what to do once you get yourself to the gym. Above and beyond all of that, the owners/instructors truly CARE about their members. You can easily see that this is not a job for them, it is a true way of life and something they love to do. My life has truly changed for the better since joining f.i.t. and in the last month that I have been unable to attend classes, I have truly missed my f.i.t. family. I can’t think of a reason NOT to join this amazing establishment!

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