TRX Suspension Training

what is TRX Suspension Training?


this training, in every way, is a total body workout.
TRX harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you train.  

benefits of suspension training:

tightens your core,
strengthens and lengthens your muscles,
and increases your balance, stability and flexibility
all in one incredible workout…


by training multiple muscles at once, in multiple planes of movement
this is functional training at it’s best!

TRX Suspension Training is packed with movements that you are already familiar with.
users make each exercise easier or harder simply by changing the angle of the body,
or by changing how much of the body is supported on the ground.
all levels of  fitness will have the ability to modify all exercises with ease.  

TRX Suspension Training at 
 f.i.t. first in training:

TRX Beginner Session
this 5-week session is designed for those who have never
used the TRX trainer, or for those who have not had the proper introduction to it.
by the end of the session you will be more than prepared to move onto scheduled TRX classes.

TRX classes
regularly scheduled TRX classes are integrated into our schedule throughout the week.
there are currently 4 classes to chose from. all TRX classes require pre-registration.
TRX classes are not inclusive of monthly membership fees.

please note: as a NON-MEMBER; you may only drop-in for TRX if you have completed our Beginner TRX Session. if you have significant experience with TRX Suspension Training elsewhere and are considering dropping-in for a class please contact us (via contact us) before pre-registering for this class. We will help you in determining if your level of experience is appropriate for our ongoing TRX classes as our ongoing classes are not appropriate for all students.

*see our additional rates page for rates and for class registration*


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