class descriptions


boot camp
 - cardiovascular and resistance stations, rounds, or alternating intervals, all timed for a great cross-training workout.  be prepared to go outdoors in good weather.


Print (“BOth Sides Up”) is a 1/2 ball & platform in one, creating a balance-challenging workout. utilizing drills from sports conditioning, step movements, & agility work, this class will give a fun cardiovascular workout. come give it a try! (if you are new to BOSU, or haven’t used a BOSU regularly, we suggest wearing a supportive cross-training shoe.  avoid running shoes or bare foot style shoes.)

fitBARRE- a 1-hour full body workout that fuses the best elements of  ballet conditioning, yoga and pilates, resulting in a long, lean, toned body. our classes are unique from other programs as we use a wall mounted ballet barre to give you the most effective workout possible! fitballs, resistance bands and/or hand weights may also be used during this class.

kettlebell training
-using only this cannonball-shaped weight with a single handle, this is a resistance workout focusing on muscle integration.  each exercise recruits multiple muscle groups at once, & demands that the core constantly be engaged.  your cardiovascular system will also be kickin’, but with no impact involved.

– a fantastic way to release tension!  combinations of punches and kicks are practiced on and off the heavy bag.  this class will challenge and increase your coordination, stamina, and strength.

kick-camp- what do you get when you fuse f.i.t.’s classic kickboxing class with boot camp?! you get a whole body workout that will keep your heart rate rolling and your muscles firing. this class blends boxing drills, plyometrics, agility work, core exercises, resistance training and more! when weather permits we will head outdoors.

multi-level flow yoga - a moderate flowing yoga practice that is appropriate for all students.  a basic knowledge of yoga postures is helpful but not necessary.  this class is designed to increase your strength and flexibility, as well as improve your balance.

muscle conditioning
– a weight training workout which will hit on every body part.  steps, stability balls, BOSUs, dumbbells, bars, and resistance bands may be used to build strength and endurance.


– this indoor cycling ride is fantastic for cardiovascular strength, endurance, and stamina.  you are guided through a 45-minute, 1 hour or 90-minute endurance ride.  all classes are multi-level, and everyone is encouraged to ride at their personal best! all of our instructors are Mad Dogg® certified instructors.


– utilizing a light-weight all in one piece of equipment, this suspension training workout is designed to burn fat & increase endurance, strength, core stability & flexibility.  join us for a 5-week TRX Beginner session or if you are a current TRX enthusiast sign-up for one of our TRX Circuit or Body Blast classes. this workout is suitable for all ages & all fitness levels!

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